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    As a dedicated real estate professional serving the metro area with deep roots in Tuttle, Oklahoma, Amanda brings a unique blend of corporate experience, family values, and investment expertise to the table. With Amanda by your side, your real estate journey is sure to be a smooth and rewarding experience.

    Before entering the world of real estate, Amanda built a successful career in the corporate world. Her extensive background in customer service, software implementation, and leadership has equipped her with invaluable skills that are readily transferable to the real estate industry. She understands the importance of attention to detail, effective communication, and strategic planning – qualities that set her apart as a Realtor.

    As a mother to four wonderful children, Amanda knows the importance of family and the critical role a home plays in shaping our lives. Her genuine empathy, combined with her knowledge of local communities, ensures that she helps you find not just a house but a place where cherished family memories are made.